Upcoming Talks, Autumn 2018

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  • ‘Great Nations and Small Empires: Nationalist Movements in Ireland and the Balkans’ The Politics of Conflict and Transformation: Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective conference, 23 November 2018, RIA, Dublin, Ireland (invited speaker);
  • ‘Was Total War an Exception? Organised Violence and the Legacy of 20th century’, 1918: Pathways to the Future conference, 7-8 November 2018, Stockholm, Sweden (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘War and the State Formation in the Balkans’ War and the Formation of the Greek State conference, Corfu, Greece 28-29 September 2018 (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘Grounded Nationalisms’ Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK, September 9-11, (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘Grounded Nationalisms and Cultural Diversities’ University of Berlin, Germany 6-8 September (invited speaker);
  • ‘Grounding Nationalism: Collins, Durkheim and Weber’, The Sociology of Randall Collins Conference, UCD, Dublin, Ireland 4 September 2018;

Op-Ed for TRTWORLD on Violence

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Just published an op-ed for TRT World ‘The Rise of Organised Violence in the Modern World’ : https://www.trtworld.com/opinion/the-rise-of-organised-violence-in-the-modern-world-19793 (24/8/2018);


UCD Conference on Randall Collins

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Prof. Randall Collins will be awarded an honorary PhD from UCD on 6th September. In  conjunction with this event Steve Loyal (UCD) and I are organising a conference ‘The Sociology of Randall Collins’ which will take place on 4th September, 2018 at UCD Sociology. Here is the provisional programme:

Date: 4th September 2018

 Venue: UCD Humanities Institute  (H204)

9:30 Opening the workshop – Steve + Sinisa

9:40 – 10:15 –  Michael Mann (UCLA) ‘Fear and Loathing on the Battlefield: Do Soldiers Have Moral Qualms?’

10:15 – 10:50 – Sinisa Malesevic (Dublin) ‘Grounding Nationalism: Collins, Weber and Durkheim’

10:50-11.15 Tea/Coffee

11:15-11:50 – Anthony King (Warwick) ‘Emotion, interaction and the structure-agency problem: building on the sociology of Randall Collins’

11:50- 12:25 – Lea David (Dublin) ‘Human rights, memory and micro-solidarity’

 12:25 – 1:25 – Lunch

 1:25 – 2:00: – Steven Loyal (Dublin) ‘The reproduction of elite strata: Bourdieu and Collins compared’

2:00- 2:35 – Su-Ming Khoo (Galway) ‘Reflections on the sociology of credentialism- and a sociology of thinking’

2:35 – 3:05 Coffee Break

3:05 – 3:40 – Barry Barnes (Exeter) ‘Statuses and Status Groups’

3:40 – 4:00 – Randall Collins  (Pennsylvania) ‘Response to the papers’

4:00  – Closing the workshop – Steve + Sinisa



Editorial Board Membership

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I am glad to join the editorial board of the leading Russian journal ‘Chelovek’.



ASA Book Award for ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’

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I am delighted to hear that my 2017 book ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality: A Historical Sociology of Violence’ was co-recipient of this year’s American Sociological Association Peace, War, and Social Conflict Best Book Award.




‘War and Peoplehood’ talk, Vienna

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I look forward to giving a keynote lecture ‘War and Peoplehood through time: Towards the sociological longue durée’ at the conference ‘War and Peoplehood in the Middle Ages in a Comparative Perspective’, Vienna, 18-19 June 2018:



Book debate ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’

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I look forward to debating my ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’ at Violence, Space and the Political conference at NUI, Galway on Friday, 8th June, 2018: