‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’on Voegelin’s 2018 List

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I am glad that ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’ has made 2018 books of the year list at APS Voegelinview:




Editorial Board Membership

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I am glad to join the editorial board of Nationalities Papers:




Upcoming lecture in Athens, 4th December

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I look forward to visiting the University of Athens next week and giving a talk ‘In the Shadow of Organised Death: The Rise of Violence in History’:



New Book out in February – ‘Grounded Nationalisms’

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My new book ‘Grounded Nationalisms’ is coming out in February 2019 with the Cambridge University Press. More information:


Grounded Nationalisms

Recent Publications, 2018

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These recently published articles can be accessed at academia.edu and researchgate:

  • S. Malesevic (2018). The Structural Origins of Social Cohesion: The Dynamics of Micro-Solidarity in 1991-1995 Wars of Yugoslav Succession. Small Wars and Insurgencies 29 (4): 735-753.
  • S. Malesevic and N. O’Dochartaigh (2018) Why Combatants Fight: The Irish Republican Army and the Bosnian Serb Army Compared. Theory and Society 47 (3): 293-326.
  • S. Malesevic (2018) Nationalism and the Longue Durée. Nations and Nationalism 24 (2): 292-99. (Thai translation to be published in 2018).
  • S. Malesevic (2018) From Mercenaries to Private Patriots: Nationalism and the Private Military Contractors. In: T. Crosby and U. Swed (eds) The Sociology of the Privatization of Security. New York: Palgrave (in press).
  • S. Malesevic (2018) Nationalism and Imperialism as Enemies and Friends: Nation-State Formation and Imperial Projects in the Balkans. In F. Duina (ed). Nation and States, Power and Civility. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (in press).
  • S. Malesevic (2018) Globalisation and Nationalist Subjectivities. In D. Jung and S. Stetter (eds). Modern Subjectivities in World Society. London: Palgrave.
  • S. Malesevic and T. Trost-Pavasovic (2018) Nation-States and Nationalism. In G. Ritzer (ed) Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology. London: Wiley Blackwell.
  • S. Malesevic (2018) The Rise and Rise of Grounded Nationalisms. Ethnopolitics (in press).

Upcoming Talks, Autumn 2018

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  • ‘Great Nations and Small Empires: Nationalist Movements in Ireland and the Balkans’ The Politics of Conflict and Transformation: Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective conference, 23 November 2018, RIA, Dublin, Ireland (invited speaker);
  • ‘Was Total War an Exception? Organised Violence and the Legacy of 20th century’, 1918: Pathways to the Future conference, 7-8 November 2018, Stockholm, Sweden (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘War and the State Formation in the Balkans’ War and the Formation of the Greek State conference, Corfu, Greece 28-29 September 2018 (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘Grounded Nationalisms’ Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK, September 9-11, (invited keynote speaker);
  • ‘Grounded Nationalisms and Cultural Diversities’ University of Berlin, Germany 6-8 September (invited speaker);
  • ‘Grounding Nationalism: Collins, Durkheim and Weber’, The Sociology of Randall Collins Conference, UCD, Dublin, Ireland 4 September 2018;