Two lectures at the Leiden University

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I am looking forward to speaking at this event at the Leiden University, Netherlands – ‘New approaches to the history of nationalism’, (now moved online):

I will give two short lectures:

  1. Grounded Nationalisms in Space and Time (keynote), 22 June
  2. ‘Small’ and ‘Greater Nations’: Empire and Nationalisms in the 19th century, 23 June

Access to Books

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Some of my books and edited volumes are now available for free access at:


Nation-States and Nationalisms (2013)

Nationalism and War (2013, co-edited book)

Ernest Gellner and Contemporary Social Thought (2007, co-edited book)

Identity as Ideology (2006)

The Sociology of Ethnicity (2004)

Ideology, Legitimacy and the New State (2002)

Making Sense of Collectivity (2002, co-edited book)

Ideology after Poststructuralism (2002, co-edited book)


An Interview for AlJazeera Balkans

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I gave an interview for AlJazeera Balkans on nation-states, violence, conspiracy theories, capitalism and coronavirus:


An Interview on the Militarist Language and Pandemics

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I gave a short interview on the use of militarist language during pandemic cris, nation-states and the state power for

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