8th ECPR General Conference, Glasgow – Panel on Political Violence, 5th September 2014

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8th ECPR General Conference
University of Glasgow, Glasgow
3 – 6 September 2014

Political Violence and Legitimacy: Concepts and Methodologies 





2014 Election to Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe)

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This was reported in the following news outlets: 

klix.ba:  http://www.klix.ba/vijesti/svijet/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka/140818111

Buka magazin: http://www.6yka.com/novost/62291/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka

Frontal – http://www.frontal.ba/novost/71921/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka

Vijesti.at – http://www.vijesti.at/tekst/bih/tehnologija/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka/2157141

Call for Papers: Dubrovnik April 2015 Conference

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The Clash of Civilisations in the 21st century?

Dubrovnik 24-5 April 2015

Call for Papers


New Review of ‘The Sociology of War and Violence’

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Christopher R. Paparone’s long review of ‘The Sociology of War and Violence’ published in Contemporary Sociology (2014) 43: 304311. http://csx.sagepub.com/content/43/3.toc


UCD Conference on Historical Sociology, 27th August 2014

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History as Sociology, Sociology as History


On 27 August 2014, the School of Sociology, University College Dublin, will host a one-day conference on the theme of ‘History as Sociology, Sociology as History’.


Participants include Peter Burke (Cambridge), Michael Mann (UCLA), Dennis Smith (Loughborough) and – to be confirmed – Maria Lúcia Pallares Burke (Cambridge), as well as Stephen Mennell, Siniša Malesević , Steve Loyal, Robert Gerwarth and Andreas Hess of UCD.


There is no conference fee, and all are welcome. Further information from: Oskar.Milik@ucdconnect.ie

Provisional programme

10.15 Registration and coffee 
10.55 Steve Loyal: Conference Opening 
11.00 Michael Mann: ‘Have Societies Evolved?’Response by Dennis Smith and discussion
12.00 Peter Burke: ‘Comparison in History’Response by Andreas Hess and discussion
13.00–14.00 Lunch
14.00 Stephen Mennell: ‘Sociogenesis and Psychogenesis: Norbert Elias’s Historical Social Psychology as a Research Tradition in Comparative Historical Sociology’Response by Steve Loyal and discussion


15.00–15.20 Tea break
15.20 Sinisa Malesevic: ‘The End of War and Historical Sociology’Response by Robert Gerwarth and discussion
16.20 Steve Loyal: Closing Remarks

Recent Oxford Workshop on Michael Mann

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Audio Recordings from the Oxford Workshop on Michael Mann’s recent work

(2nd and 3rd May 2014, Oxford Internet Institute Seminar Room)


John Ikenberry –  The Last Empire? American Power, Liberalism, and World Order

John Darwin – Michael Mann and the Problem of Empire

Siniša Malešević –  Nationalism and Military Power in the 20th Century and Beyond

Michael Mann: Have Societies Evolved?

Liliana Riga – Ethnicity, class and the social sources of U.S. exceptionalism

Georgi Derluguian – The Rise and Demise of the Soviet Model

David Priestland – The Sources of Social Power and the Problem of Ideology

Ralph Schroeder – Mann’s Globalizations and their Limits