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‘Grounded Nationalisms’ available for pre-order

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I am glad to see that my new book ‘Grounded Nationalisms’ is now available for pre-order on Amazon:


Globalisation is not the enemy of nationalism; instead, as this book shows, the two forces have developed together through modern history. Malešević challenges dominant views which see nationalism as a declining social force. He explains why the recent escalations of populist nationalism throughout the world do not represent a social anomaly but are, in fact, a historical norm. By focusing on ever-increasing organisational capacity, greater ideological penetration and networks of micro-solidarity, Malešević shows how and why nationalism has become deeply grounded in the everyday life of modern human beings. The author explores the social dynamics of these grounded nationalisms via an analysis of varied contexts, from Ireland to the Balkans. His findings show that increased ideological diffusion and the rising coercive capacities of states and other organisations have enabled nationalism to expand and establish itself as the dominant operative ideology of modernity.

Advance reviews:

‘Most people believe the world is naturally divided into nations, and they proudly belong to one of them. By applying the methods of historical sociology to cases such as nationalism in the Balkans and private military contractors in recent wars, Malešević challenges this ‘common sense’, persuasively arguing that nationalism is ‘grounded’ in the growing organisational power and ideological penetration of the modern nation-state.’

John Breuilly, London School of Economics and Political Science

‘Nationalism has remained something of a neglected stepchild in social science: paid attention only when troublesome, but often dismissed as irrelevant to the future. This volume should convince any skeptics that nationalism is very much a part of modern political life, and that it is anything but an exceptional aberration. Malešević provides us with the best institutional and social analysis of why this form of identity persists and will remain central in the twenty-first century. Deeply learned and well written, this book should be read by students, scholars, and politicians.’

Miguel A. Centeno, Princeton University

‘Nationalism is built into the structure of the modern territorial state – based on the sovereignty of its people. As long as states continue to have borders and claim popular legitimacy, Malešević argues, nationalism will always exist. But since nationalism blends with all other ideologies, Left or Right, the benevolence or bellicosity of this chameleon is always an open question. Malešević provides the most sophisticated analysis yet of the fraught question of nationalism.’

Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania

‘I strongly recommend this book. Siniša Malešević has written a powerful treatise on the origins, past development, and undiminished present of national identities, arguing against the conventional views that they are threatened by such forces as globalization or neoliberalism.’

Michael Mann, University of California, Los Angeles

‘Many observers today think of nationalism as an ideological force that recently and unexpectedly erupted on the far-right end of the political spectrum. In this collection of essays, one of the foremost scholars of nationalism reminds us that nationalism is much more deeply embedded in our societies: it provides the foundation of the modern state system; most political ideas on the left and right are intertwined with it; and it deeply shapes our daily perceptions of reality.’

Andreas Wimmer, Columbia University, New York

‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’on Voegelin’s 2018 List

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I am glad that ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’ has made 2018 books of the year list at APS Voegelinview:


Upcoming lecture in Athens, 4th December

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I look forward to visiting the University of Athens next week and giving a talk ‘In the Shadow of Organised Death: The Rise of Violence in History’: