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CUP Blog – The Myth of Violent Past

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I wrote a short post about my new book ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality’ (CUP, 2017) for the CUP blog site ‘Fifteen Eighty Four’:

Issue 139, April 2017

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thesis eleven

Empires and Nation-states

elite carving the world WikiArticles:

Empires and nation-states: Beyond the dichotomy

Siniša Malešević

This introduction to a special issue focuses on the complex and contradictory relationships of empires and nation-states. It contests the traditional views that posit nation-states and empires as the mutually exclusive forms of state organization. The paper identifies the key features of these two ideal types and then briefly reviews the current developments in this field. This introduction also provides a summary overview of the nine contributions that compose the special issue.

Modern empires and nation-states

John Breuilly

Empires and nation-states are not opposed or distinct forms of polity but closely linked forms. Pre-modern empire existed without any contrasting form of polity we might call a nation-state. Rather, they contrasted with non-national state forms such as city-states, small kingdoms and mobile, nomadic polities. These in turn were in constant interaction with any neighbouring empire or empires…

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Two Volumes Published in April

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Two of my volumes have been published in April: The book ‘The Rise of Organised Brutality: A Historical Sociology of Violence’  came out on 6th April and the edited special issue of Thesis Eleven ‘Empires and Nation-States’ was published on 16th April:

Princeton Workshop on Ethnic Boundaries, 21-22 April, 2017

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I will present a paper ‘Below Ethnicity: Cultural Difference on the Battlefield’ at the Princeton University workshop ‘Boundary Matters: Interdisciplinary Engagements with Ethnic Difference’ , 21-22 April 2017;

More information:

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