Month: April 2016

Upcoming Invited Lectures in May

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I will deliver the following invited lectures in May:

  • ‘The Nation-State, War and Emotions’ Workshop ‘The Emotional State’, Queens University Belfast, UK 26th and 27th May, 2016;
  • ‘Nationalism: Thick or Thin Ideology?’ European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 24 May, 2016;
  • ‘Is Ideology a Useful Analytical Concept?’ European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 23 May, 2016;
  • ‘Global Nationalisms and The Pluricultural Projects’ Plurality, Belonging, and the Nation-State conference, Edinburgh, UK, 19 May, 2016;
  • ‘The Rise and Rise of Organised Violence? The Pinker Thesis and Historical Sociology, British Sociological Association Violence and Society Study Group Annual Symposium, Lancaster University, UK, 18 May, 2016;
  • ‘Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Globalisation: Friends or Foes?’ Divided Societies Seminar: Is Multiculturalism Dead?. Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia (25 April, 2016);

Spanish Translation of ‘Sociological Theory and Warfare’

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The Spanish translation of my 2011 booklet ‘Sociological Theory and Warfare’ was published by Prohistoria Ediciones, Argentina:

New Review of ‘Nation-States and Nationalisms’

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New review of my ‘Nation-States and Nationalisms’ was just published in Politique et Sociétés (Volume 35, numéro 1, 2016, p. 125-144).

Interview for BHRT radio show

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My interview for the Bosnian radio programme Ino Magazin at  BHRT, 6 April, 2016:

Ino magazin [06.04.2016.]