Month: September 2015

Interview for the Croatian Daily ‘Jutarnji List’

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I gave an interview to the Croatian Daily ‘Jutarnji List’ on war in Syria and its impact on the refugee crisis in Croatia (20/9/15):–oni-bjeze-od-radikala-i-islamske-drzave–ugledni-hrvatski-profesor-sa-sveucilista-u-dublinu-protivi-se-slanju-vojske/1422722/

BBC Report on Oxford Identity Conference (in Chinese)

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BBC provided a short report on the Oxford Identity Conference, 4-5 September 2015 (in Chinese):

Upcoming Lectures: September -December 2015

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I will deliver the following invited lectures over the next three months:

  •  ‘Social Cohesion and Organised Violence: The Structural Origins of Micro-Solidarity? Swedish Defence University conference ‘Social Cohesion and War’, Stockholm Sweden,  3-4 December 2015;
  • ‘Why Soldiers Fight? Vojska Republike Srpske and Irish Republican Army Compared’, Conference ‘Interpretation of Yugoslav conflicts and their Consequences’, University of Belgrade, Serbia (13-14 November 2015);
  • Civilisation and Brutality: Towards Historical Sociology of Violence’, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, Serbia (13 November 2015);
  • ‘Nationalism, Globalisation and the Formation of Modern Subjectivities’ Workshop ‘World Society and Modern Subjectivities’, the Georg-von-Vollmar-Akademie e.V. in Kochel am See, Munich, Germany (6-8 November 2015);
  • ‘Do National Identities exist?’, In Search of New Perspectives, Methods and Finer Factors of Identity Formation; From East Asia to the World Conference, Oxford University, St. Anthony’s College, 4-5 September, 2015;