Thesis Eleven Special Issue on Gellner and Historical Sociology published

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The special issue of Thesis Eleven ‘Ernest Gellner and Historical Sociology’ has just been published:

June 2015; 128 (1)

Ernest Gellner and Historical Sociology

Table of Contents:

Guest editor: Siniša Malešević

Siniša Malešević- Ernest Gellner and historical sociology

Ralph Schroder – Gellner, science and globalization

Rod Aya – Gellner’s case against cognitive relativism

Chris Hann – After ideocracy and civil society: Gellner, Polanyi and the new peripheralization of Central Europe

Peter Fibiger Bang- Platonism: Ernest Gellner, Greco-Roman society and the comparative study of the pre-modern world

Krishan Kumar-  Once more and for the last time: Ernest Gellner’s later thoughts on nations and empires

Siniša Malešević –  Where does group solidarity come from? Gellner and Ibn Khaldun revisited

Liliana Riga – Ernest Gellner and the land of the Soviets

Kevin Ryan – Gellner’s genealogy of the open society: Biopolitics as fragment and remainder

Gregor McLennan – Is secularism history?


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