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Thesis Eleven Special Issue on Gellner and Historical Sociology published

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The special issue of Thesis Eleven ‘Ernest Gellner and Historical Sociology’ has just been published:

June 2015; 128 (1)

Ernest Gellner and Historical Sociology

Table of Contents:

Guest editor: Siniša Malešević

Siniša Malešević- Ernest Gellner and historical sociology

Ralph Schroder – Gellner, science and globalization

Rod Aya – Gellner’s case against cognitive relativism

Chris Hann – After ideocracy and civil society: Gellner, Polanyi and the new peripheralization of Central Europe

Peter Fibiger Bang- Platonism: Ernest Gellner, Greco-Roman society and the comparative study of the pre-modern world

Krishan Kumar-  Once more and for the last time: Ernest Gellner’s later thoughts on nations and empires

Siniša Malešević –  Where does group solidarity come from? Gellner and Ibn Khaldun revisited

Liliana Riga – Ernest Gellner and the land of the Soviets

Kevin Ryan – Gellner’s genealogy of the open society: Biopolitics as fragment and remainder

Gregor McLennan – Is secularism history?

Upcoming BISA Conference Roundtable on the ‘Decline of Violence’ thesis

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British International Studies Conference Roundtable on the ‘Decline of Violence’ thesis

LSE, 17th June 2015

Session 4: Wednesday 1530-1700

Philip Cunliffe Convenor University of Kent
Philip Cunliffe Chair University of Kent
Chris Coker London School of Economics
Ken Booth Aberystwyth University
Sinisa Malesevic University College Dublin
Christine Sylvester University of Connecticut
Chris Brown London School of Economics
Kimberly Hutchings                                                                 Queen Mary, University of London