2014 Election to Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe)

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This was reported in the following news outlets: 

klix.ba:  http://www.klix.ba/vijesti/svijet/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka/140818111

Buka magazin: http://www.6yka.com/novost/62291/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka

Frontal – http://www.frontal.ba/novost/71921/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka

Vijesti.at – http://www.vijesti.at/tekst/bih/tehnologija/banjalucanin-sinisa-malesevic-postao-clan-evropske-akademije-nauka/2157141


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